A fun way to track lottery numbers!

Lotto Numbers v1.1 iOS

iphone5s-3upLotto Numbers represents your one stop app for all of your lottery numbers data management.  With this app you can review past lottery results, generate new numbers, compare numbers against past results and store favorites that you want to use and review.

Our first version is for iOS devices only, however we are planning to support Android and Windows Phones as well.

Simply select the location and game from the wrench icon in the upper right of any of the data screens.  We are constantly working on adding more games to our database, so if the data for your game is not yet listed, keep trying back.  As we add more lottery data, your app automatically updates its results.

From our Home Screen you can review past numbers for any of the lotteries in our database.

Generate is a fun way to simply generate new numbers to try in your lottery games.  Each game lists the known rules for each game and generates numbers in accordance with those rules.

Manage numbers allows you to save your favorite numbers for each game.  In future versions you will be allowed to save multiple sequences.

Compare allows you to compare your saved numbers against past lottery drawings.  Here you can see what numbers have been drawn the most and where your number fall within the results.

Settings allows you to turn your sound effects on and off, allows you to review tutorials, and to read our disclosures.